Top 10 articles from one month of my blog Covid Economic Policy – With an Equity Lens. Viewed by visitors from 30 countries.

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Top 10 Stories:

Top Story 1 – article about the great retail freeze dashboard on retail trends based on foot traffic during the Covid crisis – updated daily by @Unacast

Top Story 2: The story on the 7 hours when the @SBAgov provided dedicated access for small and micro businesses and how they grabbed the opportunity for a #PPPLoan pointing to the need for program reform.

Top Story 3 – Research from the Becker Friedman Institute and Harvard, showing 6 months of crisis would close some retailers permanently.

Top Story 4: The federal stimulus aid for Higher Education and with a searchable database to explore student aid by university from the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Top Story 5: Strategies to make SBA and other programs work for Small and Micro Businesses.

Top Story 6: Baseline data and fact sheet on the Minority Economy in Minnesota $25 billion buying power, $175 million monthly rent payments, $3 billion tax payments, half a million workers, 88k in school college.

Top Story 7: As Asian American face discrimination it is important to keep in mind the powerful ways they contribute to the Minnesotan economy. $8 billion buying power, $1 billion taxes, 15k biz $10b real estate.

Top Story 8: Telework great – but not for minorities. Data showing high percentage of minority #essential and frontline workers not having the luxury of teleworking.

Top Story 9: Unemployment Claims in Minnesota by Race and Gender from @mndeed

Top Story 10: 89 Congressional leaders Call for SBA To Intentionally Include small and micro businesses