Covid Economic Policy

Analysis, Facts, Research – with an Equity Lens


Bruce Corrie

Economist & Cultural Entrepreneur

Dr. Bruce Corrie has integrated the various roles he served, as economist, cultural entrepreneur, professor and administrator, to change the narrative of immigrants and minorities from deficits to assets and to champion efforts around economic, political and academic empowerment. As director of the department of Planning and Economic Development in the Capitol city of Saint Paul, he implemented a strategy of economic empowerment that resulted in positive outcomes as well as deeper institutional change. Over the past decade he has worked with other community leaders to launch a unique strategy for economic empowerment and development in diverse low-income areas focusing on cultural assets reflected in Little Africa, Little Mekong and Rondo.

He has served on a wide range of boards including the National and District Advisory Council of the U.S. Small Business Administration, the Governor’s Workforce Development Council, the Governor’s Working Group on Minority Business Development (serving as chair), and various ethnic chambers of commerce. His views have been covered in local, national and international media.

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