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Minority Biz Hit Hardest by Covid Crisis. Most will not survive beyond 6 months. Minneapolis Fed Survey

The Minneapolis Fed conducted a business survey in partnership with community organizations to gauge the impact of the COVID crisis. 768 participated in the survey out of which 44 percent were minority businesses and 71 percent women owned businesses. The data shows that minority businesses have been hit the hardest in reflected in expected sales, […]

The Value of Lives Saved through StayHomeMN – $105 billion

Good Job Minnesota! The value of the lives saved by Minnesotans complying with Governor Walz’ #StayHomeMN order is an estimated $105 billion over the life of the pandemic. In other words, Minnesotans contributed $105 billion towards the war on Covid by staying at home and social distancing for the past several weeks. This contribution is […]

Minnesota Retail Thawing Observed on May 5 Foot Traffic – Unacast

Governor Walz opened up more retail establishments beginning Monday this week. Unacast’s retail dashboard based on foot traffic data reveals a slight thawing of the retail sector as compared to data of April 26 (See week 1 summary at the end of the article) On April 26, three sectors showed some movement, Home Goods and […]

Top 10 Stories – COVID Economic Policy – from an Equity Lens

Top 10 articles from one month of my blog Covid Economic Policy – With an Equity Lens. Viewed by visitors from 30 countries. Top 10 countries #India #Belgium #UK #Bangladesh #Netherlands #Canada #Philippines #Germany #France #Singapore Top 10 Stories: Top Story 1 – article about the great retail freeze dashboard on retail trends based on […]


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